The Journey Begins of An Authentic Life

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Justin-Ames Gamache Attended Greenfield Community College in Greenfield Massachusetts (’08 Music Major) and then transferred to AIU (09 Business), Liberty University (’13 Interdisciplinary Studies), and Concordia University (’15 Master of Education). He is the owner of four college degrees and official transcripts from Associates of arts, Bachelors of Science, Master’s of Education, and Doctoral of Education.. Justin is currently a Digital Media Producer for Coverage Awareness Studio. Justin was the first of his family to attend and graduate college. Currently succeeded the finish line towards his doctoral degree in Educational Leadership at Concordia University Chicago and is now taking on a Second Masters; Masters of Science in Psychology at the University of Phoenix.

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Justin A. Gamache®, B.S., M.Ed.

U.C.C. 1-308

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