Anyone in their right mind should know that there are labs all over the world and inside these labs are thousands of viruses. The government plays with these viruses all the time and mix different viruses together. (this is not misinformation) And at any given time the government can order a release of a virus to test it on the public… As long as they got their biological weapon, they are happy.

You cannot get sick from going outside, it has nothing to do with nature. No, 5G is not the cause of COVID-19 (use your brain please)… 5G or any wireless connection causes cancer it is already proven fact, and affects the weakest part of your body. So, 5G is out of the cause of this virus…

Ask yourself this question, why did Trump fire the pandemic response?? Answer: because he knew someone would find out about the virus and it would go public and ruin his re-election. But we all know how much of a puppet Trump is and it is his fault because he’s acting out exactly what “they” want him to. But no one in their right mind will listen… (Lack of common sense)

Again, there are labs out there across the world and many of them are in this country that plays with different viruses every day. And again “can release at anytime any of these viruses” through the air (chemtrails or spray people as they are walking by)… Boom the birth of COVID-19 is born and they will blame the Chinese for it because no one wants to take responsibility for the biological weapon… The virus has been around and anyone who has been through or visited New York City in the past few years is infected. From past years, there was no way to identify COVID-19 (CORONAVIRUS) like there is now.

Didn’t you know not to believe everything the MSM says or your local and federal government officials? They’ve been lying from the beginning… They’ve been lying ever since the ’50s… And the truth goes wild!! John F. Kennedy knew all about this as well and was just about to tell us all the truth when boom…😢! This is a very sad time in the lives of the people of the world.

#UltimateTruth #Fact #COVID19isManMade

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