A Letter To The Editor -The Experience is Your Journey- Justin Ames Gamache

I am always on a threshold of a fantastic inner journey! It’s my journey and my journey alone… It’s an inner journey, not a public journey; the public journey is something else… You have to be wise enough to leave your inner journey out of public eyes… While on your public journey, you can inspire as many as you can… That’s great! You can be on as many journeys as you wish or want to be on; there is no path pointing you in the direction of what you think you should travel… All paths have the same destination, perhaps different in some slight variant way. Getting to your journey takes the intuitive skill of simply knowing what is coming your way; you cannot get lost (this also leads to you, you cannot earn your experience… You are here to experience! In other words, Experience is not something you work for, you are the experience… It is the journey) You can do anything you want and most importantly have fun…

Remember, there may be incidents where you have literally seen others try to pick you apart from your past… Only you have the power to change that and defend yourself to its core; no one has power over you… (No state, no judge, no lawyer, no police… no one… Only you have that power, not them, so do not give it away!) You have power over any situation, and yes, you can fight back metaphorically… Watch them run their minds, though… they have no power over you!

Here is one of many paths I enjoy being on, the path of refusing to participate in a system that uses your personal and private information for personal gain (money). You do not have to be part of that system, nope… Remember the journey part; this is your journey, not theirs. You lead yourself, not (them) the ones who lead you! You do not have to be part of that system, and I inspire everyone to delete themselves from that which collects info on you… Also, understand this… You can still be on social media and not participate in a system that collects your personal and private life… You have the right to opt-out! This journey I share with all of you, please do it.

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