UPDATE 2021: Justin Ames Gamache

If anyone out there is interested??? I am also preparing for graduation… here we have my following “doctoral transcripts” from Concordia – Portland to Concordia – Chicago. Proof that I have been a straight-A student all these years… with the exception of one B+… It’s okay! It says “I AM HUMAN!” I have maintained these grades and a high GPA… Also, proof that I KNOW WHERE I WAS… FOR THE LAST 100 MILLIONTH TIME… Anyone who endures education and learning as I have done should be proud… And anyone who continues learning is moving this country in a better direction, it takes a lot of work to maintain these grades (Education and Learning is a FULL TIME JOB) between peer pressure, and scandals (lies and defamation)… Really just shows that you do not need anyone’s consent to do this… YOU SEE, In the UNITED STATES, there are a small group of people who put down the educated… They call them the village idiot because they were learning and reading books. With that to be understood, under no circumstances should you or I stop doing what we are doing because “they” said so… NOPE! We should look forward in a way that nothing can stop us. Also note, to those who think the educated should work a long job slaving over nothing… well, you’re wrong… I didn’t get this far to be told what to do and how to live my life NOPE!

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