Plaintiff – Justin Ames-Gamache Vs Defendant – Frederic Rutberg | Justin Ames-Gamache sues Vermont for Defamation $100 Million Case!

Dear Fredric Rutberg,

whilst I am trying to reach a settlement with you, I’m not admitting any part of the case or conceding or waiving any arguments or rights – so, my offers to achieve the commercial deal is without prejudice to my primary position is indeed legal and will continue to proceed as I have originally stated. You will pay $22 Million to me and delete the articles from your companies effective immediately. 

There is an ongoing battle against the state of Vermont as well, different from the cause but a $100 Million settlement is reached at this point for Vermont’s IGNORANCE of NOT wanting to make a settlement and for NOT wanting the truth to get out. This is with prejudice! I am also proceeding without prejudice against the state of Vermont, will not admit any part of the case, or concede or waive any of my arguments or rights. The state of Vermont knew this was coming when I asked them for relief from being ridiculously attacked by two neighbors… I am currently defending myself without any prejudice and have demanded settlement be made effective immediately with prejudice. I am walking with my money and removal of all crimes with prejudice. I do not need court approval or the approval of anyone else to move forward and retrieved my funds with the removal of the false crimes that I did not do… Nice try, doesn’t work with me.

I do know the law and I will practice that law, but any bullshit (first amendment right to speak any language I choose) is irrelevant from Vermont’s mouths… I will continue as I have planned on fighting the Bullshit lies (first amendment right to speak any language I choose), and will not admit to the lies of the persuading state attorney Alexander N. Burke.

I will not tolerate the use of my name, since I was not cited for any crimes due to the fourth amendment violation and I did not sign any documentation thereof… Any continued behavior on your part Mr. Rutberg or Vermont’s will be noted and will not be tolerated, this includes any remedy to take legal action against me.

If you do choose to take legal action, then you will pay all court costs… I will be officially opting out of your legal action since I have already taken legal action against you at your expense. I will not be bullied or forced to live such hideous lies from your news organization or the organization of the state of Vermont.

It is my right to act in this way to inquire about a financial gain and to obtain that financial gain with prejudice.

Mr. Rutberg, You, your companies, and the state of Vermont will be paying for my entire life… Thank you… This includes but not limited too; student loan debt, life debt, medical debt, any and all past surgeries including the recent one 1 year ago, and in further addition just the overall well-being of my life… Y’ALL WANTED THIS AND YOU GOT THIS!  enjoy it… I AM NOT GOING TO BOTHERED OR BULLIED BY YOU, YOUR COMPANIES, THE STATE OF VERMONT OR SOME LYING POLICE OFFICERS…


You have a connection with some very wealthy bankers Mr. Rutberg as per research has found… enough is enough… PAY THE INVOICE… YOU ARE HARASSING ME WITH YOUR ARTICLES OF LIES…

Thank you, 
Justin A. Gamache®, B.S., M.Ed. 

The following is an agreement without court needed action, all Frederic Rutberg has to do is sign and the agreement is set in stone… Failure to sign this agreement, an arbitration award will be issued to Justin Ames-Gamache and court costs will be paid by Mr. Rutberg. If this agreement is broken by Mr. Rutberg, all court costs and $22 Million invoice will be paid by Mr. Rutberg. I will not be intimidated by Mr. Rutberg course of action as I have been very peaceful.

Learn About Fredric Rutberg here:

Since Mr. Rutberg does have experience with Arbitration than this should be something easy and simple, but of all people he should know that I, Justin Ames-Gamache, will not be bullied by his ruthless course of action… I, Justin Ames-Gamache, continue to express my FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHT to FREEDOM OF SPEECH AND FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION. I, Justin Ames-Gamache, will not be intimidated by his course of action.

🤚(right hand raised) I, Justin Ames-Gamache, do solemnly swear to uphold the rights set forth by the US Constitution 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I will not surrender nor give up. I will not be intimidated by your corporate goons nor will I tolerate the illegal use of my name and defamation. Upon this great honor, given to me, of my FULL NAME can and will be righteous in all causes… I will defend strongly the rights of my life and the rights of my people… I, Justin Ames-Gamache, will pass go and WILL collect my $80 Million. SO HELP THE POWERS GIVEN AND INVESTED UPON ME BY THE UNIVERSE!

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