They Don’t Care About Us (USA Version)

Warrantless Wiretapping is ILLEGAL

Senator Cardin speaks against granting telecom companies immunity for wiretapping Senate To Make Warrantless Wiretapping Permanent (This is illegal and a violation of civil rights)


A man who speaks without prejudice is a man who knows his words cannot be used against him. For even though they, the ones who oppose him, will try... a man still speaks without prejudice and will continue on his journey living the freedom that is meant to be not at the privilege of those... Continue Reading →

Om Ganesha Virtual Gratitude Jar - Thank You! To listen to more of our music and live sessions please check out our online community - Gather - for Mantra, Meditations, Storytelling, Ceremony and Chords. Thank you!! • Song - Composed and written by Sam Garrett & Mollie Mendoza. • Mantra - Om Gam Ganapataye... Continue Reading →

THOUGHTS BECOME THINGS!🙏🏽 🙌🏽 (The Song!) | Justin A. Gamache, B.S., M.Ed. THOUGHTS BECOME THINGS (The Song!)Download or Stream the full album "HEART AND SOUL" here: LYRICS: More Fearless Soul you can listen to every day: iTunes: Spotify: GooglePlay: AmazonMP3: AppleMusic: Worldwide MP3 Download: MUSIC COMPOSED by Patrick Rundblad WRITTEN AND PRODUCED BY Jones 2.0 @Fearless Soul... Continue Reading →

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